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          Waterfront Port Melbourne offers Shanghai Fusion, upstairs at Water Front Level 1. Opening from Saturday November 1st 2014

 Shanghai Fusion Menu

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Waterfront Port Melbourne Restaurant

Located in one of the most exclusive areas of Melbourne and surrounded by breathtaking panoramic views of Port Philip Bay, Waterfront Port Melbourne is the perfect choice for your special occasion….Renowned for our stylish decor and first class service, we will make your event memorable. Using only the finest produce from land to sea, you’re sure to be impressed.

With panoramic, opulent ocean vistas, unique function dining is typified in this perfect dining space. The ocean vista offers up a myriad of delightful spectacles that are sure to grant visitors a real appreciation of the ocean that touches Port Melbourne – this distinct restaurant area sits as a spectator on the ocean’s movements whilst guests are given the chance to simultaneously dine in style. With coral décor, and at the best position for all the port’s views, the restaurant qualifies with excellence in uniting function parties together for an all-round quality port-side experience.

Ocean Room – Sit in line with the waves in the Ocean Room and rely on Waterfront to provide you with a taste of the ocean for a truly great experience.

The Deck – Sophistication and elegance in sea food brassiere dining are synonymous with the graceful style of the Deck.

The Terrace – Stunning views at sunset and a feel as cool as the ocean’s breeze to be witnessed during day and night dining on our Patio

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